Laurent Bourrelly – The SEO Rockstar

Laurent Bourrelly – The SEO Rockstar

The wonders of SEO opened up when he finished 3rd on the insane SEO contest « mangeur de cigogne » in 2004. After 3 months of 24/7 SERP battle, he got it. He knew how and what to feed Google. It’s no miracle. Do anything non stop for such a long period of time, and you’ll eventually figure it out. SEO was not hard back then. Like many others, Laurent started to spam the shit out of Google. Living the life of super affiliate and clic whore, he slowly drifted towards the consulting end of the job. He trained numerous SEO professionals, amongst the best in their fields. He announced his retirement this year but Laurent used to do dozens of talks each year, including TEDx and SMX. He has been sitting on the jury of the European Search Awards, UK Search Awards and other SEO events, like SEO Campus. One of the most visible reward from the French SEO community is the 3rd place for All Time Best SEO in France. Since the beginning, Laurent has been raising his voice within the SEO community. At one point, he formed with a bunch of friend the infamous DarkSEOTeam, the most famous Search Engine hackers team. DarkSEOTeam demonstrated how to steal PageRank, and various Negative SEO tactics. The goal was to show Google some weak points, including duplicate content and sneaky redirects. By the way, the breach in Google they opened 10 years ago is still open…

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